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Press Release
March 22, 2017
  Opening Bell Ceremony With Elron to celebrate 55 anniversary at TASE
​Elron was incorporate in 1962 by Uzia Galil, along with Discount Bank Investment Corporation and the New York-based Rockefeller Venture Fund. 

Initially, Elron manufactured electronic devices based on knowhow acquired in Israeli universities. Today, Elron is a holdings company, which focuses on investment in technology companies.
It invests primarily in the various development stages of medical equipment companies. Elron is valued today at approximately NIS 520 million, and is included in TASE's Biomed and high-tech indices. 

Eduardo Elsztain, IDB Chairman: "As we celebrate Elron's 55th anniversary, we are very thankful for the opportunity to honor Uzia's overwhelming contribution to the Company and to the Israeli Hi Tech industry at large. We aspire to forever preserve Uzia's unique vision and innovative approach in the Company. For me, Elron represents a model for potential growth inside our Group."
Uzia Galil, Elron Founder: "I would like to thank Eduardo for empowering Elron. Elron's past was wonderful but I always remain focused in the future and I promised Eduardo I will assist the company every way possible".  
Ittai Ben Zeev, TASE CEO: "I am proud to see well-established companies such as Elron, which is trading on TASE for over 40 years, continues to invest and contribute their experience and knowledge for companies in their first stage, which will grow, succeed and take part in the Israeli industry.  I wish Elron many more years of working and succeeding for the benefit of the Israeli investors and the capital market".  

Pictured right to left:Elina Frenkel Ronen- IDB Board Member; Diana Dan (Elsztain)- IDB and Shufersal Board Member Yehuda Freidenberg- Elron Director; Ari Bronshtein- Elron CEO; Sholem Lapidot- IDB & DIC CEO; Uzia Galil- Elron Founder; Eduardo Elsztain- IDB and DIC Chairman; Ittai Ben Zeev- TASE CEO; Alejandro Elsztain-Gav Yam Chairman and PBC; IDB & DIC Board Member; Ari Kanterevich- IDB Board Member; Ami Arel-Cellcom Chairman .

Free-of-charge photograph by: Guy Assayag.

Opening Bell Ceremony With Elron to celebrate 55 anniversary at TASE