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Press Release
January 17, 2017
The TASE Analysis Project Expands to Include 20 Companies:
  Ten additional Biomed and Technology Companies to be Analyzed by Frost & Sullivan, the Global Consulting & Market Research Firm
​Ten additional biomed and technology companies are joining TASE's analysis project. The project, which now includes 20 companies, has been undertaken with the goal of raising investors' information level regarding both technology and biomed companies and the markets in which the companies operate, thus generating appropriate pricing and increasing the exposure for both domestic and foreign investors. 

Frost & Sullivan will analyze 7 biomed companies and 3 technology companies. 4 companies  are duel-listed.
Following are the 10 companies to be analyzed by Frost & Sullivan:

Biomed Companies:
  • Aposense: a platform based on a proprietary integration of structural and electrical properties of biological membranes, utilized for trans membrane delivery of macromolecules.
  • Brainsway: a dedicated to the research, development and marketing of a medical device for non-invasive treatment of prevalent brain disorders.
  • Bioline: a clinical-stage Biopharmaceutical Company dedicated to identifying, in-licensing and developing promising therapeutic candidates.
  • Cellect: develops an innovative technology enabling the production of stem cells to all therapies and treatments that require stem cells as the main "raw material".
  • D.N.A. Biomedical: develops, through its subsidiaries, oral drugs for the treatment of Hypoparathyroidism and Osteoporosis, and ultrasound devices for screening and monitoring of Osteoporosis.
  • Kitov: is an innovative biopharmaceutical drug company developing a combination drug intended to treat osteoarthritis pain and hypertension simultaneously and a  small molecule that presents a new concept in cancer therapy.
  • RedHill Biopharma (analyzed by Edisonas well): development and commercialization of late clinical-stage, proprietary, orally administered small molecule drugs for inflammatory and gastrointestinal diseases and cancer.

Technology Companies:
  • Energix: initiates, develops, constructs and owns renewable energy projects in the fields of Solar (Photovoltaic) and Wind Energies in Israel & Poland. 
  • Safe-T Group: cyber security company that develops solutions, designed to mitigate insider and outsider data related threats.
  • Vonetize: develops premium content services and technology platforms for Smart TVs and connected devices (VOD).
In order to maintain a professional, unbiased and independent analysis, the participating companies have signed an agreement with TASE for receiving the analysis services for a binding period of two years. The companies cannot withdraw from the project during this period. The analysis is being financed by the companies to be analyzed, with the participation of TASE and the Israel Innovation Authority.

The analyses are published on the "Magna" and "Maya" websites in English and  include a summary in Hebrew for investors in the domestic market. The analyses will be published at least four times a year after the publication of the companies’ financial statements. Furthermore, updates will be published on the occurrence of material events in a surveryed company, which necessitate updating the last analysis work submitted. 

Frost & Sullivan is a leading global consulting and market research company that employs a staff of 1,800  analysts, experts and strategic consultants in approximately 50 branches, including in Israel, the Unites States, Europe, Asia, the Far East, Latin America and Africa. Frost & Sullivan will harness experience and know-how accumulated over the course of 55 years in medical technologies, life sciences, technology and industrial fields, including the publication of tens of thousands of research reports, and a variety of economic analyses and valuations. During the analysis processes, the company will use integrated teams of expertsfrom both Israel and abroad.

During recent months, within the frame of reference of the project, Edison has published 10 analyses for Intec Pharma, Ellomay Capital, Allium Medical, Biolight Life Sciences, BiondVax Pharmaceuticals, Nano Dimension, Pointer Telocation, Pluristem Therapeutics, Foresight, and RedHill Biopharma. An analysis on Collplant is expected to be published within the next few weeks.