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Press Release
February 02, 2017
  Timetable for the Pre-Closing Phase in the Stock Market on February 9, 2017
​On February 9, 2017, at the end of the trading day, the Shares Universes will be updated, before the entry into effect of the reform of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange share indices.

Larger trading volumes are expected on that day in the Pre-Closing Phase, due to the need for submitting orders in approximately 330 shares that will be included in the new universe.

In order to allow the market enough time for submitting orders, it was decided that on February 9, 2017 the Pre-Closing Phase in the Stock Market on that day, will be longer than usual and will begin at a time to be determined randomly between 16:39 and 16: 40, and will continue for about 45 minutes until Closing Trading that will take place as usual at a random time between 17:24 and 17:25.

There will be no change in the schedule of other phases of trading and there will be no change in the timetable for trading in the bond market, T-bills market, institutional market and derivatives market.