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Press Release
March 19, 2017
  Globe Exploration Management Participated in the Opening Bell Ceremony at TASE – on the occasion of exiting the TASE maintenance list and being reinstated to the main list
​Globe Exploration management took part in the Opening Bell Ceremony at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on the occasion of the company's exit from the maintenance list and its reinstatement to the main list.

Arie Carasso-Lev, Chairman at Globe Exploration LP: "Globe Exploration's exit from the maintenance list and its reinstatement for trading on the main list is a milestone that allows Globe to return to the capital market and rely on the market for financing its drilling activities.  We are certain that 2017 will be a fruitful year for Globe.  We will be able to implement drilling activity through our promising license arrangement in the U.S. along with onshore licenses in Israel that we anticipate receiving in the near future.  The General Partner's management and employees are prepared for the challenges that face them and will do all in their power to justify the trust of investors and the capital market, and to maximize the Partnership's assets".

Hani Shitrit Bach, TASE Senior Vice President & Head of Listing & Economics Department: "The limited Partnership reinstated for trading on the main list, after having raised money from the public. Since 2015, TASE allow gas and oil exploration limited partnerships, to raise capital for gas and oil exploration projects located abroad. The ability to invest in projects abroad will enable gas and oil partnerships to take advantage of the vast experience and knowledge gained by the general partner over the years of operation. In June 2016 the Partnership approved the 90% acquisition of rights in the Escolle project in Santa Barbara County, U.S.A. and we wish the company success in finding gas and oil in the future."

Pictured from right to left: Tzvika Brodsky; Dr. Baruch Derin, geologist and Globe founder; Moshe Toprovsky, Globe CEO; Arie Carasso-Lev, Chairman of Globe; Zvi Derin, Globe Deputy Chairman; Ittai Ben-Zeev, TASE CEO; and Hani Shitrit Bach, Senior Vice President, Head of Listing & Economics Department.

Photographed by: Guy Assayag

Globe Exploration management in the Opening Bell Ceremony