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Press Release
March 20, 2017
  Minrav Projects Management celebrates their IPO this morning in the opening bell ceremony.

The management of Minrav Projects took part in the Opening Bell Ceremony at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
Minrav Projects initiates construction projects in Israel and operates in the area of sewage purification plants.  Minrav is a subsidiary of Minrav Holdings which is traded on TASE.

Avraham Kuznitsky, Minrav Group Chairman:  "I thank the investors, who have expressed their trust in the company and its activity via the IPO of Minrav Projects, which serves as the company's residential projects arm in Israel.  This move reinforces the financial strength of all of the Group's companies and facilitates the continued momentum and development of Minrav Projects".

Hani Shitrit Bach, TASE Senior Vice President and Head of the Listing & Economics Department: "Minrav Projects is the fourth new company to be listed on TASE in 2017 and its IPO has been successful.  the company has raised NIS 132 million based on a company value of approximately NIS 468 million,  almost triple more than they expected to raise due to the demand of institutional investors. The company's shares are expected to be included in the SME-60 and the TA-Real Estate indices on May 4. 

Pictured: Chaim Rotlevy, Minrav Holdings CFO; Pini Dekel, Minrav Holdings CEO; Avraham Kuznitsky, Minrav Group's Chairman of the Board; Ziva Kuznitsky; Dror Kuznitsky, Minrav Projects CEO; Hagai Wilensky, VP of Finance at Minrav Holdings; Ittai Ben-Zeev, TASE CEO; and Hani Shitrit Bach, Senior Vice President and Head of the Listing & Economics Department.

Photographed by: Guy Assayag

Minrav Projects Management celebrates their IPO  in the opening bell ceremony