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Press Release
April 04, 2017
  Isras Management Celebrating 55 Years of Trading at TASE
​This morning (April 4), Isras Investment Company’s management team opened TASE trading, commemorating 55 years of trading on the TASE. The company was first listed on TASE in 1962 and its market cap today comes to NIS 2 billion. The company’s shares are constituents of the TA-90, TA-125 and TA-Real Estate indices. In addition, the company has corporate bonds worth NIS 2 billion listed on TASE. 

Shlomo Eisenberg, controlling share holder and Chief executive Officer at Isras, remarked: "In almost 30 years In which we are active in the capital market as a business entity, the market has experienced impressive progress in all areas of activity, in listing procedures, trading and reporting. I wish us all the best for future positive development to the benefit of the business sector, the capital market and the Isras Group".

Irit Harel, Head of Listing companies Compliance Unit, TASE Economic Department :"In the 1950s Isras became a public company when it floated bonds on the Tel Aviv Stock exchange. In 1956 the company issued shares in the U.S. and was the first Israeli company to trade on a stock exchange in the U.S.. Six years later, the company chose to list its shares on TASE as well. This is one of TASE’s most senior companies and we hope that the company will serve as an example of strength and stability for other companies traded on TASE". 

Pictured left to right:
Ittai Ben-Zeev, CEO, TASE; Shai Tauber, General manager, Isras; Irit Harel, Head of Listing companies Compliance Unit at TASE; Shlomo Eisenberg, controlling shareholder and Chief executive Officer, Isras; Avi Levin, Chairman of the board of directors, Isras; and Amnon Neubach, Chairman of the Board of Directors, TASE.

Guy Assayag

 	Isras Management Celebrating 55 Years of Trading at TASE