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Press Release
April 05, 2017
  Medipower Management Opens Trading in Honor of its TASE Listing
​Members of Medipower’s management team opened trading this morning in honor of the company’s listing shares on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). Medipower is a commercial real estate company operating in the U.S. and Canada and is one of four new TASE listings since the beginning of 2017. In its current financing round, the company raised NIS 35 million in a public offering.
Yair Goldfinger, Chairman of the Board at Medipower: “We are excited this morning to return to trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and we confer an important role in our planned growth to the Israeli capital market. We intend to continue to develop activity in our shopping centers in the northeast United States, while maintaining a focused growth strategy built on solid ground.”
Ron Stern, CEO Medipower: “The TASE listing constitutes an additional landmark on the road to turning Medipower into a dynamic platform in its areas of operation. Over the past year we have acquired properties valued at NIS 150 million and have raised NIS 80 million. Today, we are excellently poised for continued growth and the deepening of our activity in the area of neighborhood commercial shopping centers.”
Drorit Vilnai, Listing Unit manager at TASE: "We are pleased about the Medipower’s return to trading on TASE and we wish the company and TASE, that this time the marriage will be better and longer. The company’s offering was over-subscribed both by institutional investors and the public. Since the offering, the company’s stock price has risen by a few percent, so that subscribers have already made a modest profit. The company’s current market cap comes to NIS 155 million, and its shares are expected to enter the TA-Growth and TA-Real Estate indices tomorrow.”
Pictured, from right to left:
TASE Chairman of the Board, Amnon Neubach; Noa Mayer, Medipower director; Tal Misch Vered Medipower director; Att. Tammy Hevrony Zoppo, Pearl Cohen Zedek; Yair Goldfinger, Medipower Chairman of the Board; Hila Erez Cohen, Comptroller, Medipower; Shiran Erlichman, CFO, Medipower; Ron Stern, CEO Medipower; and Drorit Vilnai, Listing Unit manager TASE.
Photographer: Shai Shachar

Medipower Management Opens Trading