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Press Release
June 18, 2017
  Nano Dimension Opened Trade on the Occasion of Institutional Capital Raising And Three Years Since Joining TASE
​Nano Dimension joined the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) in 2014, through a merger with a shell company valued at NIS 33 million. One year later, when valued at approximately NIS 200 million, Nano Dimension was listed for OTC trading.  Eight months later, the company was listed for trading on NASDAQ, and six months later, the company raised a total of NIS 52 million in the U.S. to attain a company value of NIS 270 million.

Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension: "After three years of intensive work, Nano Dimension is now positioned as a world leader in advanced manufacturing, with revolutionary technology and a universally praised product that is in high demand among leading global companies.  
Nano Dimension consists today of an empire of scientists and engineers that includes a staff of more than 100 amazing employees. Together we are bursting the limits of the manufacturing world and spearheading the fourth industrial revolution with a level of technological innovation that is unparalleled in the market.  This achievement was made possible, firstly and foremost, thanks to the Israeli capital market, which assisted in the company's financing and enabled it to build its professional and technological infrastructure.  We wish to thank all of our private investors, advisors, and the staff of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange".

Hani Shitrit Bach, TASE Senior Vice President and Head of Listing & Economics Department: "Ever since Nano Dimension joined the TASE, the company has succeeded in exploiting its public company status and has executed private placements every few months.  Recently, the company's pool of private investors has been joined by institutional investors.  In addition to its listing in different technological branches, this year Nano Dimension has joined the TA-SME60 Index.  It is the first company to have joined TASE's Analysis Project.  In September 2016, Edison Investment Research, in its first review of Nano Dimension, assigned a target price reflecting a premium of 82%.  A comparison of the daily trading volume of company shares before and after the review reveals a threefold increase. Today, Nano Dimension has five overseas analysts".

Pictured: Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension; Yael Sandler, VP of Finance, Nano Dimension; Simon Fried, VP of Business Development, Nano Dimension; Hani Shitrit Bach, TASE Senior Vice President and Head of Listing & Economics Department; Amnon Neubach, TASE Chairman of the Board of Directors; Ittai Ben-Zeev, TASE Chief Executive Officer; employees of Nano Dimension. 

Photo (free of charge): Guy Assayag

Nano Dimension Opened Trade