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Press Release
September 04, 2017
  Management of Encore Properties Opened Trading This Morning On The Occasion Of Its TASE Bonds Listing
​This morning (Monday, September 4), Encore Properties management marked the TASE listing of the company’s bonds by taking part in the Opening Bell ceremony.
Encore Properties operates 23 properties in the US – Multi-Family Housing, Rental apartments and offices, Hotels and Commercial Properties.
In the last 4 years, 23 American real estate companies joined TASE and issued 38 bond series with current market cap of over 17 Billion Shekels. As a result of the raising number of American bond issuers, TASE launched last month a new index, Tel-Bond Global index, which includes shekel bonds of American companies traded on the TASE. The index consist 25 bond series with a total market cap of 14.6 billion shekels.
Dr. Bharat Sangani, Chairman of Encore Properties:" Thank you very much for the reception, the love, affection and relationship feelings that I have received in Israel for the past few months, makes me feel like I am in my native country - India. I am also here to make a promise. My profession as a cardiologist has been to serve people. My promise to them is I will take care of you. I am here with Israeli people and I am here to make a promise that the same respect and trust the I fulfilled for the rest of the world - I am here for you. I could not have finished this project without having a great support from our investment bankers Yehonatan, Yossi and the entire team of Infin, of course the BDO team and Goldfarb's legal team and obviously my family -  my wife and two children they all have been supported mr during this maneuver.
Hani Shitrit Bach, TASE SVP and Head of Economic Department: "The Bond market in Israel is unique, The Tel Aviv stock Exchange has a deep and liquid bond market even in international terms. More than 600 series of corporate bond are traded here. Encore is one of the American companies that find the advantages to issue here corporate bonds and last June they raised 517 million shekels and on the next Indices update in November, Encore is expected to join Tel Bond-Yields Shekel Index".
Pictured, from right to left:
Amnon Neubach, Chairman of the Board of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange; Hod Mimun, Goldfarb Seligman: Dani Marglit, BDO; Hofit Gotesdiner, BDO; Amir Tzafrir, Goldfarb Seligman; Dr. Bharat Sangani,Chairman, Encore Properties; Yehonatan Cohen, Infin Capital; Yatin Gandhi,CEO Encore Properties; Yossi Levi, Infin Capital; Hani Shitrit Bach, TASE SVP and Head of Listing & Economics Department.
Photo credit: GUY ASSIAG, for no charge
Management of Encore Properties Opened Trading