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  TASE for Beginners
Investing on TASE
What is TASE?
Why is a stock exchange necessary?
What is traded on TASE?
How is TASE regulated?
How is trading on TASE conducted?
What are TASE's sources of revenue?
What are the advantages of automated over floor trading?
How can one learn more about TASE and Israel's capital market?
How can one invest in TASE?
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  Securities, Indices and TASE Trading
TASE Indices
Shares and Convertible Securities
Bonds and T-bills (MAKAM)
Index Linked Notes
Mutual Funds
Derivatives Market
Trading stages and securities pricing
Where can one find market data on TASE trading?
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  Additional Information
Can one visit the trading floor?
Securities & Derivatives Prices
Trading Days and Holidays
Additional explanations on how to navigate the TASE website
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  Contact Us
Public inquiries to TASE
Technical Support
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