TA-25 Index lists Israel's 25 largest companies by market cap

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  • GDP Growth 3.3%
  • GDP per Capital 36,200
  • Export\GDP 34.2%
  • Deficit\GDP 3.2%
  • Inflation Rate 1.8%
  • Debt\GDP Ratio 67.4%
  • Unemployment 6.3%
  • SP Rating A+

The Israeli economy is a diverse, open market economy.
Being a relatively young state in the modern era, Israel is recognized as a developed market by all major indices and is a member of the OECD.

During the global economic crisis, the Israeli economy demonstrated great resilience and was ranked highest in the ‘Resilience of Economy’ Index as part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report (WEF GCR).

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About TASE

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) is a “one stop shop” for securities trading in Israel: Equity, Bonds, ETNs, Treasury Bills and Derivatives. TASE’s trading system is a fully automated, real time and order-driven system. TASE is regulated by Israel Securities Authority and the Ministry of Finance.

Alongside the trading platform, two clearing houses operate at the TASE: the TASE Clearing House, and the Derivatives Clearing House.

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About TA-25

The TA-25 Index is the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) blue chip index, tracking the share prices of the 25 companies with the highest market capitalization on the exchange.
Since its launch in 1992, the TA-25 has an average US $ annual yield of 10.4%.

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TA-25 Derivatives

Since its inception in 1993, the TASE derivatives market has generated avid interest among investors, providing the tools for a flexible portfolio and risk management. The first and still most popular product is the TA-25 index options.

In 2013 the TA-25 index options were the 10th most highly traded index options contract globally, with an average daily volume of 190,000 contracts.

In July 2013 TASE launched weekly derivatives on the TA-25 index.

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TA-25 ETNs

Over the past decade the ETN market has grown into one of the most innovative and active markets on TASE.

By the end of 2013 - 530 ETNs were traded on TASE, of these 21 track the TA-25 index. The asset value of TA-25 index ETNs as of the end of 2013 came to US $1.9 billion.

The wide range of TA-25 ETNs include long (traditional notes), short (reverse certificates), leveraged as well as other complex ETNs.

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TASE and Eurex Exchange, the international derivatives marketplace, have signed a cooperation agreement, under which Eurex lists and clears futures based on the TA-25 index. Eurex’s TA-25 index product is denominated in US dollars (Quanto-style futures).

The futures provides international investors new hedging opportunities and easy access to Israel’s equity market.

Eurex Product Code: FAT25

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TA-25 Index by Sector

Most Active

as of 20/3/13 10:56

Icl 66,239
Tower 213,897
FMS 198,876
EZCHIP 156,980
DELEK 145,890
Teva 299,007
EZCHIP 156,980
DELEK 145,890
Teva 299,007
Tower 213,897
FMS 198,876
EZCHIP 156,980
DELEK 145,890
Teva 299,007
Tower 213,897
FMS 198,876
EZCHIP 156,980
DELEK 145,890
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TA-25 Index Raw Data

Data Package
The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange offers packages of historical raw data, available upon request. For instance:
  Intraday quotes and transactions of TA-25
     Index shares and TA-25 Index derivatives.
  Intraday TA-25 Index prices.
  End-of-day TA-25 Index constituents weights.

For further information contact the Operations Unit.