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Press Release
November 10, 2016
  Opening Bell Ceremony at TASE with Matrix, Marking 15 Years Since Its Establishment
​Members of the technological company, Matrix’s executive had the honor of pressing the button at the Opening Bell Ceremony at TASE.

Matrix, which is traded in the TA 75, TA 100 and Tel-Div Indices on TASE, was invited to the special event to mark 15 years since its establishment.

Moti Gutman, Matrix CEO since its establishment, pointed out the sense of satisfaction from the fact that the company has been in existence for more than 15 years, employs about 7,950 personnel and provides technological solutions to the large and important organizations in the State of Israel, with investors that include leading Israeli situational bodies.  “Alongside the satisfaction, I cannot avoid the sense of responsibility and concern every morning because we provide a livelihood to about 8,000 families and services to the important and crucial technological systems of the State of Israel”.
Gutman thanked the company’s investors, members of the executive and company employees, who are partners in this success.

Hani Shitrit-Bach, Senior Vice President, Head of Listing and Economics Department of TASE, congratulated Matrix at the event and said, "When Matrix joined TASE15 years ago, its market value was NIS 162 million and at present it has increased tenfold to more than NIS 1.6 billion. The return on the share since Matrix's entry to trading exceeds 800%, while the TA 100 Index has risen by 170% during the same period. We congratulate the company. May its success continue”.

Immediately after the ceremony, the company published its Q3/16 financial statements and, symbolically, recorded an all-time sales and operating income peak during the quarter. Matrix also reported both the acquisition of 2 companies in the US, which have joined Matrix’s 2 existing subsidiaries in the US and the success in recruiting more than 200 new employees into the company during one quarter.
Matrix, which employs about 7,950 IT professionals, has been rated by research companies as leading the IT services sector in Israel for more than a decade. It is being traded according to a market value of NIS 1.6 billion.

Matrix is included in the Tel-Div, TA 100 and TA 75 Indices

In the picture: The Matrix executive and representatives from TASE executive. 

Photo, free of charge: Guy Assyag

The Matrix executive and representatives from TASE executive.