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Table of contents
  • Information Technology & Operations Department
  • Listing & Economics Department
  • Trading, Derivatives & Indices Department
  • TASE Clearing House (Clearing and Settlement Department)
  • Membership & Supervision Department
  • Risk Management Department
  • Marketing and Sales Department
  • The Strategy and Business Development Department
  • Legal Department
  • Company Secretariat
  • Human Resources Department
  • Administration & Finance Department
  • Information Technology & Operations Department

    The Information Technology and Operations Department develops and operates automated systems for trading, clearing and dissemination of data.

    The importance that the TASE places on remaining at the forefront of technology is evident in the size of the department, which comprises some 60% of exchange employees.
    Listing & Economics Department

    The Listing & Economics Department registers corporate securities for trade and is responsible for setting registration rules for new financial instruments.


    The department also handles corporate announcements, including financial statements, and publishes them on an Internet disclosures system (Hebrew Only) . The TASE Corporate Actions system publishes information about dividend payments, interest and redemption of principal, landmark trading days (the first and last), the dates of general assemblies, deadlines for tender offers, and the dates of future financial statements. The Research Unit publishes statistics, reviews & researches regarding TASE and Israeli capital market.

    Trading, Derivatives & Indices Department

    The Trading and Derivatives department develops TASE's trading method according to the needs of the market as well as developments and trends in the securities industry worldwide.


    The department is responsible for managing and rebalancing TASE's indices and for developing new indices.  In addition, the department is engaged in setting the terms and launching new derivative products, clearing and settling transactions in options and futures and managing risks associated with derivatives trading.


    Moreover, the department is responsible for  supervision and control  of Market making and Quote Generators (HFT) and  for short selling.

    TASE Clearing House (Clearing and Settlement Department)
    The Clearing and Settlement Department is the party responsible for clearing and settling cash market transactions and for other activities undertaken by TASE members in the course of the trading day. The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Clearing House (TASE-CH) is responsible for executing the transfer of securities acquired in trading from sellers to buyers, and the transfer of cash proceeds from buyers to sellers.

    In addition, TASE-CH is in charge of registering the balance of securities listed for trading and for conducting payments and other transfers to which securities holders are entitled as a result of various corporate actions.
    Membership & Supervision Department
    The Membership and Supervision Department is responsible for enforcing fair conduct by all TASE members and for overseeing the soundness of non-bank members. The stability of the banks is the responsibility of the Bank of Israel's Supervisor of Banks.
    Risk Management Department
    ​​The department is responsible for the TASE's corporate risk management.
    Marketing and Sales Department
    ​​​The Marketing and Sales Department is responsible for all marketing activities, strategic products development, international relations, media relations, public inquiries, the TASE Convention Center and the TASE website.
    The Strategy and Business Development Department

    The Strategy and Business Development Department analyzes strategic processes affecting TASE. It assesses the opportunities and threats facing TASE and develops programs designed to address the challenges posed by them.

    The department’s activities include: conducting a deep analysis of regulatory processes affecting the capital market and their implications on the market, initiating action to create an inviting business and regulatory environment for public companies and developing markets and new services deemed strategically important to TASE.

    Legal Department

    ​The department counsels all the TASE departments on legal matters.

    It handles amendments to the TASE articles of association and guidelines and relations with the authorities regulating the exchange.

    Company Secretariat
    ​Coordinates the work of the board of directors and clearing houses of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and is responsible for the application and implementation of corporate governance rules.
    Human Resources Department
    ​The department is responsible for the TASE human equity, including recruitment , training and welfare.
    Administration & Finance Department
    ​​This department supports all the other departments at the TASE.