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The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange market data that is disseminated through third-party data vendors is intended solely for personal use of the recipient and no other commercial or other use is to be made of it, except in accordance with a license to use market data for the purpose of computing indices, as set out below.
Israeli Data Vendors


Contact Person: Ronen Binder

Phone: +972-3-6388299


Web Site:




Contact Person: Amiram Partouche

Phone: +972-3-5177123

Fax: +972-3-5171910


Web Site:



The Marker

Contact Person: Dror Itach

Phone: +972-3-5133668


Web Site:




Contact Person: Sivan Burshtein

Phone: +972-3-9538743

Fax: +972-3-9520936


Web Site:



E&A Financial Software Systems Ltd. 
Contact Person: Rom Katz
Phone: +972-77-5551111
Web Site:



Globes Trade1 One Ltd
Contact Person: Asaf Alon
Phone: +972-77-5551122
Web Site:

International Data Vendors

Thomson Reuters
Contact Person: Annie Peleg
Phone: +972-3-6899927
Fax: +972-3-5372045
Web Site:

Contact Person: Israel Sales Team
Phone: +972-3-5427100
Web Site:
Contact Person: Volker Dohn
Phone: +49-69-505030604
Web Site:
Dow Jones
Contact Person: Hanan Taylor
Phone: +44-20-32175114

Quanthouse SAS
Contact Person: Sales
Phone: +33(0)173023211
Web Site:
License to Use Market Data for the Purpose of Computing Indices
The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) owns the intellectual property and other rights in the securities prices that are computed and published by it. The TASE agrees to other entities using the market data for the purpose of computing and publishing indices, and to that end it is willing to grant a license for such use, subject to the terms and conditions prescribed by it and set out in the license appearing at the link below.
This English version is solely for the sake of convenience. It is not an official translation and has no binding force. Whilst reasonable care and skill have been exercised in the preparation hereof, no translation can ever perfectly reflect the original. In the event of any discrepancy between the original Hebrew and this translation, the Hebrew alone will prevail.
Click here to read the English version of the Licence to Use Trading Data for the Computation of Indices